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Baker Heath has produced packaged and bespoke software for over 25 years. Hundreds of businesses and organisations use our products ranging from high street dental surgeries and mortgage brokers to universities, colleges and the Ministry of Defence.
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Developing computer software

to meet your company requirements

BHA write user-friendly software to a specific target with a flexible pricing system, no tie-in contract and continuous support and upgrades.

Software Package Production
We produce software products for a number of areas; dental surgeries, mortgage brokers, colleges & universities, estimators and membership organisations.

As more and more clients use these packages they are upgraded with the modifications and improvements that our clients suggest.

At Baker Heath there is no switchboard, you get straight through to support. A programmer answers your call and will be able to help you.

Installation & Training
When you purchase one of our packages, we will install the program on-site and provide training for all staff on the same day.

Our software products are paid for by a small monthly, quarterly or annual charge. This pays for the product, updates and support. The onus is on us to keep our customers happy as we do not tie you in with a fixed term contract.


Here are some of the statistics for our company
over clients served
years in business
programming languages
countries serviced

Delivering responsive, robust programs



Here are our main products that have been developed with our clients valuable help. We always record the facilities our clients request in a ‘Wish List’ and use this to constantly improve functionality. We also record areas people struggle to understand in order to improve ‘usability’
Pearl Dental Software
The fastest growing dental software
Designed for organisations that deal with membership records
Designed for colleges and universities to deal with student accommodation and conferencing
A package for financial advisors and mortgage brokers
Bespoke Programming
If you have a special requirement – we have a secret weapon that allows us to develop bespoke applications that can be deployed quickly and inexpensively but nevertheless are totally robust

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